Do 1:1 Strategy Calls with small business owners who benefit from your experience building a multi-million dollar business and help us change the economy one small business at a time!

Our SLAPexperts are our collaborators, advisors and the source of knowledge that we can bring to our small business owners to help them grow. You will work directly with our small business owners and provide the space for them to figure out what actions to take to hit their goals. Most people would call this role a small business “coach” or “consultant” or “mentor” or “advisor”. We think of it as a small business “champion”, “advocate”, “thought partner” and “supporter”. Your job is not to know everything – but rather to support the small businesses you work with to reflect deeply, ask the right questions, share your own stories and learnings when applicable and, ultimately, help more small business owners use our SLAPmethodology to build profitable and sustainable businesses.

You probably already give back, mentor and coach other people.  What makes being a SLAPexpert different is that you are a key part of a much bigger system.  Traditional mentoring and coaching is good, but often times ineffective because it isn’t connected to a larger strategy and robust support in between sessions.   Your input into the small businesses that you work with will be much more effective than traditional mentoring or coaching because it is rooted in behaviour change science, you are working from an existing action plan instead of needing to create one, your time together is completely focused on building a profitable and sustainable business and there is a full year support structure that wraps around you and the business owner to dramatically increase the chance of success. 

Based on over 400 original interviews and then working directly with over 10,000 small businesses in 14 countries the SLAPmethodology is a complete framework to help small business owners live in the right mindset, set a clear and focused strategy, know who their customer is, set very detailed financial goals and then build a robust 12 month Action Plan to go out and connect with their Ideal Client in order to hit their 1 Year Goal.   Because every small business owner builds such a detailed Action Plan your conversations are much more strategic and effective allowing you to have a significant impact on the small businesses you work with. 

The robust support of our 5 Fingers of the SLAPxperience means you only need to show up, talk strategy and know that the  small business owner will get all the support they need to actually succeed between your calls.

-SLAPcenter provides you with real time data to make your calls much more effective. 

-SLAPschool and SLAPworld are available to all small businesses to get practical training and connections so that you don’t have to. 

-SLAPmanagers work full time on all issues related to scheduling, billing, technical issues, accountability, process and mindset so you can focus 100% on strategy.