You are an experienced and successful late-career business owner who is ready to pass on your knowledge gained through your real life experiences (aka the school of hard knocks!). Our SLAPexperts are our collaborators, advisors and the source of knowledge that we can bring to our small business owners to help them grow. You will work directly with our small business owners and provide the space for them to figure out what actions to take to hit their goals. Most people would call this role a small business “coach” or “consultant” or “mentor” or “advisor”. We think of it as a small business “champion”, “advocate”, “thought partner” and “supporter”. Your job is not to know everything – but rather to support the small businesses you work with to reflect deeply, ask the right questions, share your own stories and learnings when applicable and, ultimately, help more small business owners use our SLAPmethodology to build profitable and sustainable businesses.



Passionate about small businesses. Genuine Connections with our clients. Respectful of our company Heart & Brand. Excellence. Hustler. Resourceful. Hard Worker. Team Player. Clear and Candid Communicator. Responsible. Result-Driven. Strategic Thinker. Strong and Reliable Implementer. Trustworthy. Growth-Oriented. Problem-Solver.



  • Collaboration: You are invested in our mission of changing the economy one small business at a time and who want to help us bring this vision to reality!
  • Investment: You give us anywhere from 10 – 40 hours a month to do the strategic work of meeting with our small business owners and supporting them on the journey they are on as they build their business.
  • Wisdom (Optional): You attend a program development brainstorm session every second month, via video conference, and 1 strategic weekend retreats per year, in a fabulous location every Jan and July. You will also act as an adviser to the Silver Lining Leadership Team – helping them shape the program and the business overall to maximize it’s impact on our small business owners.
  • Opportunity (Optional): You become a Master SLAPexpert with us and our efforts to grow the business strategically in a way that would benefit you from a revenue point of view. This would be specific to your network, your interests and what you are building now – but our SLAPexperts are so well connected, so smart and so awesome – that we want to leverage your reputation to grow Silver Lining, help more small businesses and create a larger opportunity for you!
  • Profile (Optional): You share your expertise and become a SLAPschool speaker, contribute your knowledge on a broader platform to our greater network and share your own story and knowledge as we bring both to the global Silver Lining world in ways bigger than just the 1:1 calls with small business owners.



  • You are/have been a small business owner yourself and built it into a million dollar plus business and as a result have practical experience to share with our small business owners.
  • You want to give back to business owners and be a part of something global in support of economic development and economic justice.
  • Available part time, flexible hours AND wants to be fully committed to something great.
  • Able to work virtually and independently.
  • Able to realistically commit to being a SLAPexpert for the next 2+ years.
  • Comfortable with collaborative technologies like Zoom
  • Has access to reliable phone and internet service.
  • Willing to invest 8 hours of unpaid training time to become SLAPcertified.
  • Great listening skills and understand that the greatest gift you can give is your ears and your questions – not your opinions and advice.
  • High EQ and IQ, good understanding of emotion and stress, empathy, able to validate, encourage and challenge clients all at same time.
  • Able to follow our structure/methodology and also think on your feet and give good advice when needed to go off-script.



  • You go through our SLAPcertification Process – SLAPu – and become fully trained in our methodology so that you are certified to be a SLAPexpert 
  • You define your availability for SLAPexpert Calls – both the amount of time and what recurring slots in the month you are available for scheduling.
  • As new small businesses sign up for SLAP,  they are matched to the ideal SLAPexpert during their SLAPcenter Onboarding based on a number of factors – including matching availability for the SLAPexpert calls.
  • We handle all logistics – including scheduling, questions, issues etc. You literally just show up to the appointments in your calendar and connect with the small business owners matched to you.
  • Each call is 45 minutes, with 15 minutes booked into your calendar at the end of the hour to write Client Interaction Notes for our SLAPmanager Team so that they can continue to support the small business owner in between your calls with them.
  • You confirm if you would like to participate in bi-monthly Program Development Brainstorms.
  • You confirm if you would like to attend SLAPexpert Strategic Retreats.
  • You confirm if you would like to become a Master SLAPexpert and create business development opportunities together.
  • You confirm if you would like to use our platform to tell your story and share your expertise.
  • In the event that you terminate your agreement as a SLAPexpert at a future date you agree to standard non solicitation and non compete terms – including, but not limited to not recruiting, contacting, soliciting, pitching and/or working with any of Silver Lining’s clients, team members, partners and/or stakeholders that you met while a SLAPexpert at Silver Lining.
  • In the event of dispute or any issues that you may have with Silver Lining both parties agree to mutual non disparagement and commit to handling any matters that arise in a professional way that does not compromise the other’s business or reputation.



We have previously paid SLAPexperts $50/hour as an honorarium, fully acknowledging that a SLAPexpert’s time is worth much more than that.   Due to Covid small business owners have had a significant impact on their financial reality and in an effort to support as many small businesses as possible (when they need us most) we have made SLAP Pay What You Can.  We are asking SLAPexpert Candidates who have already accomplished success to consider waiving SLAPexpert fees.   Note that we are also exploring a potential option of having all SLAPexperts share in a Silver Lining equity pool as a way to acknowledge this contribution and to connect SLAPexperts to Silver Lining as shareholders and advisors to our work.



In order to simplify all of our lives this online Agreement is the official agreement to sign up and become a SLAPexpert.  All of the terms of the agreement are outlined above and by filling out this form and submitting it you are agreeing to those terms and committing to move forward and complete your SLAPexpert Certification and to then start to work with small business owners who will benefit so much from your support.

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