Role Plays

The last stage of Certification is making sure you feel confident taking this SLAP knowledge and applying it to real-world Strategy Calls with your assigned SLAPsters. In order to officially pass Certification we need to schedule and do your Role Play.

In order to schedule your Role Play email with any availability that you have in the next week and our SLAPexperience Coordinators will get your Role Play scheduled with a senior member of our team.  

To prepare for your Role Play, download the Cheat Sheet on this page and make sure you are at your computer and fully present at the time of the call.  During the call you will Role Play an actual Strategy Call and you will need to demonstrate that you can share screens, go through the SLAPster’s SLAPcenter Account and review their Dashboard, Sales Tracker, Action items and Pause & Reflect and that you are confident using the Strategy Call Guideline to have an effective conversation with the business owner, helping them leverage SLAP to become more focused, disciplined and successful. 

Note that you will also be asked to show that you know how where and how to submit a CIN and that your Profile in SLAPcenter is set up.